Thursday, 24 March 2011

One is not born becomes wise (most of the time)

Not born wise.....true.

I firstly sought wisdom looking at my parents and for years I thought (and had truly convinced myself) they had taught me nothing. Years later I learnt they had taught me a great deal.  Yes I know what to avoid, what to not do, what to not this and not that in order to be a strong role model and good person within my little clan and community.
I then sought wisdom from many others in my life, some of those 'others' hurt me, some did not as I loved them deeply and some well I can't even remember their names now, so what does that tell you?

However the three most prominent people in my life and whom have been beside me for 30, 28 and 26 years respectively are the ones that have taught me the most. They have (and continue to) teach me more than I have ever had the honor of being taught before. With each passing day when I go about my business in my own womanly, chaotic, energised, loud, just downright silly & childish at times, cheekily, blunt and yes rude without thinking sometimes as my foot goes back in my mouth way! I can always stand in the knowing I am loved unconditionally. I think this value to 'love unconditionally' is one of the most important.

When I first got with SweetBee........ well now I am stuck for words to describe what I want to say.......I loved all of his ways when we first got together and we could not separate for one minute from one another.
If you are wise in years like me then heres to betting if you stop and think about it, you will recall some pretty hot and intense feelings from many moons ago, with your little sweet thang!

It doesn't feel like that long ago does it?

Over the years it has taken me a while to truly accept my SweetBee, have seen useless energy wasted, words that were better off unsaid and all that jazz as I tried to change my SweetBee. Yes, got together and loved every bit of him, then as those settling down feelings emerge and life moves on, well one gets it in her head to change the man she fell in love with!

Well, I love him unconditionally with all his little flaws, and he loves me with all of mine.
I have said to many a person, no one person is ever perfect, but we can keep on trying and keep on evolving to be at least 99.9% perfect!  imagine if I were 100% perfect, shit I would be boring wouldn't I? wouldn't you?

So now this ol devil (whom in her mind is still a youth) sees her SweetBee as a near perfect man anyway. He has evolved like me (and like a good ol bottle of red).
We play in the bush of life & feel the pride that envelops around us as we look at our adult children,and laugh at the times I tried to change a near perfect man.

So go forth with wisdom and dream on sisters as dreams are the seeds of reality and if you truly believe you will find your man. If you already have a man in your life, I trust you are happy and when you look in his eyes, look with acceptance and openness, for a life that gets better and more magical together, than ever before.
Yes those near perfect men are out there and I can proove it as I have 3 near perfect men in my clan and they are like many other men in this world, absolutely wonderful!

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